Ellen Epstein, who organized and hosted the event for the Friends of White Plains Public Schools, welcomes all guests. Dawn Biscardi, Alma's longtime close friend and retired White Plains teacher, is to the left of Ellen.

Our event in early April 2019 reunited former PTA Board Members for a night of good food and friendly conversation.

In 2018, We Donated Books to Elementary Schools in Memory of Alma Cormican

The Friends of White Plains Public Schools presented K-5 art and music books to each of the five elementary schools in White Plains at a ceremony at the Church Street School Library on December 13, 2018.  The books were funded by contributions from dozens of colleagues and friends in memory of Alma Cormican, an esteemed teacher and teacher union leader for more than 30 years.


The recent Beyond Ballroom Dancing production at Ridgeway School was a huge success, and we were thrilled to receive words of appreciation from multiple Ridgeway parents.  For those who aren't familiar with Beyond Ballroom Dancing, here is a video of the Ridgeway performance.  

After the program, we were contacted by a number of Ridgeway parents to express their happiness with the program, and it brings us great joy to share their words with you:

‚ÄčAs a mom of two kids who have participated in this program, I am amazed to see how alive the kids are at the performance day/days!!  From not wanting to touch another boy/girl, they all step up to the challenge with such confidence and poise!  Mr. C has been an incredible role model for these kids, teaching teamwork, kindness, patience, confidence and friendship to all of the students.  I am very lucky to live in such an amazing community, rich in arts programs!  Thank you for funding and sponsoring incredible programs to our kids.     - - - Jen G.

Please extend our gratitude to the Friends of White Plains Public Schools for the amazing Beyond Ballroom program! My son was introduced to and inspired by the joy of dancing through this program.  The overwhelming joy visible on our 4th graders faces and shared by the audience was truly exceptional. This school event, more than others I have attended, provided a great sense of community and camaraderie.  Dance, like all the Arts, truly cross through so many differences and concerns to unify our communities and children. I am proud to be a part of our White Plains School District community, in part, because of the emphasis on such programs. ---  Carol E.

To be honest, our son Nathaniel, has been skeptical about ballroom dancing since he first heard from the chatter at Ridgeway as a kindergartener. "I am not dancing with a girl and so on."  He continued complaining from that point until the beginning of 4th Grade....until he met Mr. C and his wonderful energy and practiced this fabulous program.  He would come home after practice and hum the cha-cha and show us some moves. He was so excited to show us and perform on stage. We had a great time at the performance.  My husband video-taped the dance and those smiles the kids all had on stage, during the flubs and achievements.  It was truly brilliant to watch the boy/girl interactions.

After the dance, I was sharing this story with friends of mine in other parts of our county and from FL and CT. They had never heard of such a program and thought it was brilliant as well.  I thank you for your generosity and making this experience beautiful and memorable. --- Noreen and Allan G.

The show held on 11/27/18 at Ridgeway was magical! The kids did such a fantastic job and Mr. C seems like a wonderful instructor who helped them learn manners, teamwork and respect in addition to dancing. 

Thank you to the Ridgeway administrators, the district and the Friends of White Plains Public Schools for sponsoring these extra activities for the children - just another reason why White Plains schools are so great for our children and our families! Thanks again,  ---   Leanne S. 

We rang in the 2019-20 school year in style, at Wolf &Warrior!

Mayra Castillo, Principal of Church Street School, joins second and third grade students in reviewing some of the new books available to all elementary school students.

On-hand to accept the books were librarians from four district elementary schools. 

The end of the 2019-20 school year was a difficult time for everyone, but we were still able to fund a few programs which we are proud of, such as Beyond Ballroom Dancing at Mamaroneck Avenue School! 


Reunited and it feels so good!

The luncheon we funded for female calculus students was great!  

We were proud to contribute to the luncheon at WPHS, which was organized to motivate and encourage female calculus students,

and to inform them about possible STEM paths in their future. The luncheon occurred in March of 2019.