American Revolutionary War re-enactor at Eastview School (Jan. 2010)

Post Road School trip to Nature's Classroom (May 2018)


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2017-18 School Year

Elementary Schools

  • Beyond Ballroom Dancing  at each of the District's five elementary schools
  • Story Pirates program for K-5 students at George Washington School
  • Sciencetellers  for K-5 students at Mamaroneck Avenue School

Eastview School

  • Smart Music for Band and Orchestra
  • Latin Music and Dance Performance for ENL/Spanish students

Rochambeau School

  • Live Out Loud program

High School

  • Breaking Down the Bard Shakespeare Program for 9th grade honors English students
  • Scholarships for 11th grade students attending The Crucible at SUNY Purchase

​2016-17 School Year

Elementary Schools

  • Beyond Ballroom Dancing at all five elementary schools
  • Critter Caravan program for all Kindergarten students at George Washington School
  • Critter Caravan program for all K-1 students at the Mamaroneck Ave. School
  • Artist at the Young Authors Day for grades 2 thru 5 at Mamaroneck Ave. School
  • Scholarships for Green Chimney Outdoor Education Program for all 5th graders at MAS
  • National Circus Project at George Washington School

Middle Schools

  • Latin Music & Dance Program for all students in the six classes of Spanish for Spanish/Native speakers at Eastview School
  • Scholarships for 8th grade Highlands students to participate in the trip to Washington, D.C. 


  • The Innocence Project  
  • The Power-On motivational video program 
  • Scholarships for a trip to the Jacob Burns Center by the 10th grade creative writing class

High School

  • Scholarships for trip to Philadelphia by the 10th grade English inclusion classes
  • Scholarships for the Physics Day at Six Flags program for all Physics students
  • Author Roberto Quesada Symposium 

2014-15 School Year 

  • 11 projects for $25,370