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2015-16 School Year

Elementary Schools

  • Beyond Ballroom Dancing at each of the District's five elementary schools
  • Science: Five Senses - Caravan Critters program for all kindergarten students at George Washington School
  • Sky Dome Planetarium at both George Washington School and Mamaroneck Avenue School
  • Yoga Mountain program for all students at Mamaroneck Avenue School

Highlands School

  • Printmaking for a Cause program for 8th grade art students
  • Choreographer for Highlands School Show Choir

Eastview School

  • Youth Shakespeare program for all 6th graders

High School

  • Academic symposium with author Roberto Quesada

2014-15 School Year 

  • 11 projects for $25,370

Elementary Schools

  • Artist-in-Residence at Post Road School to work with students on the "Cafeteria Garden Mural"
  • Beyond Ballroom Dancing in each of the District's five elementary schools

Middle Schools

  • Sound-proof workstations for band students at Highlands School
  • Artist-in-Residence choreographer for the Highlands Select Choir
  • "Youth Shakespeare" program for all ELA and Read 180 students at Eastview 


  • Speaker from "The Innocence Project"
  • "Be The One" motivational video assembly
  • Trip to the Whitney Museum in New York City for 28 students

High School

  • Academic Symposium with Latin American author, Roberto Quesada
  • ​"Exploring the Mind of a Composer" program with the High School Concert Band

2013-14 School Year

  • 10 projects for $25,000for students in Advanced College Experience (ACE) courses, who otherwise would not have been able to participate


American Revolutionary War re-enactor at Eastview School (Jan. 2010)